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Farjadi Piano School offers private piano lessons for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students who want to play in different genres and to become skillful and orient themselves in sheets music. Teaching gives you the opportunity to develop a technical and musical foundation for your desirable piano playing. This is done through reciprocal interaction with your piano teacher and thereby receiving proper individual instructions.

At Farjadi Piano Academy you will learn the followings :

- Read, Comprehend & Play Sheets Music Contents

- Rhythms & Harmony

- Tempo

- Basic Music Theory

- Basic Compositions Rules

- Ear Training

- Scales

- Figurations & Articulations

- Threes & Tetrads

- Inversions

- Dynamic Levels

- Finger Studies

- Chamber Music

- Piano Playing Techniques

- Art of Performance

You will also learn Finger & Pedal Techniques and Interpretation of the Dynamic Contrasts in music, all of which enabling you to develop your musical talent and technique.

The teaching sessions are accompanied by Audio & Video Recordings so that the students are given the opportunity to hear and see the improvement of their playing skills.

Child from 8 years old.

Teaching Levels:

Beginners : If you have always dreamed of playing Classical or Rhythmic Piano, start at this entry level. Even if you are already playing well at this level, you may still want to work more to be able to play short or simple pieces elaborately. Book a trial session.

Intermediate: You have already learned how to play piano, short or long pieces and/orSight Reading but would like to add some inspiration to your playing techniques and repertoire, you can enter our school at this level. Book a trial session.

Advanced: Music Academy Students, Non- Academic Music Students, Music Teachers and other music professionals. Book a trial session

Lessons Learning Location:


2400 Copenhagen NV-Mobile: 22266843

EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association)

Farjadi Piano School is a member of EPTA, Denmark, which is a professional forum where pianists and piano teachers can jointly focus on some perspectives of common interest,exchange their new knowledge and innovative thinking and thereby improve the performance and work quality of every individual player in the network and eventually the entire piano players of respected community.

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